Promotional Merchandise

Diamond-like coatings are widely used in promotional merchandise and corporate image products. Primarily, the high wear-resistance of diamond-like coatings was the property in most demnd. In this case the technology of vacuum ionic-plasma deposition of carbon facilitates reliable protective and decorative coatings, which do not exfoliate from the base substrate due to perfect adhesion. The color varies from light gray to deep classic black with specific brilliance peculiar to diamonds. Body parts of watches with DLC coating are produced by such manufacturers as Rolex, Messina, Citizen, Panerai, and Audemars Piguet

For the purposes of collectors' sidearms it is also important to gain increased sliding ability and high corrosion resistance that are specific to DLC coatings. These products, typically made of steel produced by powder metallurgy with DLC coatings applied, do not require regular lubricating procedures, while their performance is significantly improved due to reduced friction.