DLC for Parts & Machinery

The effectiveness of diamond-like coatings to increase the service life of critical parts and machinery operating in conditions of high friction and wear (antifriction coatings), is derived from the presence of graphite bonds (SP2) in their structure. The scope of technological application of DLC coatings in this industrial sector is very large: moving and rotating parts and units, bearings, guiding and gripping parts of conveyers, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pistons, impellers of centrifugal pumps, valves, gas throttles, ball valves, and many more.


Diamond-like antifriction coatings provide reliable protection against friction. One of the main causes of deterioration of parts of various machines is the wear that occurs due to some components rubbing against others and this could mean the entire unit needs replacing. In order to prevent such deterioration coatings can be used that can at least double the service life of the components. Protection of such parts helps to increase the reliability of the machines and reduce servicing costs.


Application of diamond-like coatings not only helps significantly to increase the service life of parts and components, but also leads to a considerable reduction of noise, vibration, heat from friction, and it reduces the required amount of lubricants, that in turn reduces the need for maintenance of "troubled " areas in the equipment. In this case diamond-like coatings act as a solid lubricant material. However, unlike conventional types of lubricants, the coating is applied only once and does not require regular renewal, that several times increases the economic effect of its use under existing production conditions